We're Hannah and Jess - the videographers behind Echo in Dreams Films. We wear a lot of black. Hannah loves sci-fi and horror movies. Jess loves plants and coffee shops. We both love animals and being outdoors. We make a lot of bad jokes when we work with clients and we get way too excited about beautiful light and great scenery. We love to travel and make ridiculous Instagram videos of ourselves cracking each other up in new places. 

about the team

Loves: sitting on laps, catnip, napping in the sun, running around like a cheetah at 2 am, cuddling, tuna. 

Hates: food bowls that are even the slightest bit empty. 

Team Mascot | Very Soft |
A Cat


Jess was born and raised in central Connecticut, where she still currently lives. She moved to Boston for a couple years after college where she became friends with Hannah and started working alongside her! It wasn’t until moving to the city that she discovered her passion for all things creative.

Things you should know about Jess:
-She loves a good love story
-She spends a lot of time searching for new music. Usually with an iced mocha in hand.
-She loves true crime. So feel free to recommend any podcasts or Netflix documentaries at any time.
-She used to work at a florist and still loves to make bouquets and collect all the houseplants
-She loves traveling and wants to see as much of the world as possible!

Crazy Plant Lady | Cinematography Witch


Hannah grew up in a little town in Massachusetts full of cows. She still calls New England her home and she lives there in a drafty old Victorian house with her husband, Brent, their cats, Madge and Hubert, and too many houseplants.

Some things Hannah loves:
– hiking, swimming, and just being outdoors.
– cooking and feeding people
– reading
– Sci-Fi, horror movies, and period dramas
– singing
– dancing (she will probably dance badly at your wedding reception)
– traveling. Half her family lives in Australia, and she grew up going there. She has dual citizenship and 2 passports. So if you are getting married somewhere outside of New England hit us up!

Cat Enthusiast | Epic Shot Getter



Headshots by G. Riggieri Photography

We love getting to know clients and what makes their love story unique. If you think we might be a good fit email us at echoindreams@gmail.com or fill out our contact form. We so look forward to meeting you.

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